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highlight the omega replica complexity of the watch

Métro series of unique mystery lies: the watch is not symmetrical; it presents two different profiles. Left contour does not contain the crown is the traditional, classical style, showing the brand’s iconic teardrop-shaped lugs. The opposite is that in the right-hand side of the contour, elongated lugs extend to the crown, surrounded by the crown and chronograph function buttons hug men on watch. This asymmetry makes the watch unique fashion show exquisite personality; an overturn of the traditional and modern. On Tonda Métrographe men watch, highlighting the minute and hour counter, in order to highlight the omega replica complexity of the watch timer function. Grain pattern on a white dial watch, the timing of these two discs is gray, with blue dial; in black or deep blue watch, with luminous material outline the contours of the timing disk, make them in a clear day conspicuous, shimmering in the night. Two time together constitute an inclined plate “8” shape, which is a characteristic sign Parmigiani brand. Tonda Métropolitaine on the watch, feminine watch radians modern lines add the slightest gentle breath. “Flinqué” elongated shape of the case and the dial on the corrugated intermediate modified contrasting effect, because the latter showing continuous wavy ornamentation. Digital and timing tailor rounded relief forms embedded in straight lines on a plane background.

2016 Geneva International Watch Fair and once again Roger Dubuis Luo Jiedu it provides an opportunity to play its unique design capabilities scene. Roger Dubuis Luo Jiedu He pavilion with strong color film, showing a magnificent colorful world, the integration cartier replica of movie studios, theater and festivals gorgeous red carpet stairs, etc. atmosphere, Velvet famous actor announced five new stories, lay out The most moving background. Lights, camera, the show began! This intoxicating scenery pours out global compelling movie event, while Roger Dubuis Luo Jiedu He refined, and they are worn timepiece also has become this extraordinary world of bright star. Velvet refined, exquisite series Luo Jiedu played Roger Dubuis usual excellent jewelry art, for women with a diverse landscape of timeless charm offer the ultimate praise. Roger Dubuis Luo Jiedu it is not only “good fusion of architectural beauty and exquisite mechanical experts” and “hollow movement contemporary pioneers”, but also because of the extreme interpretation of femininity and become “rare art jewelry division.”

The new RM 67-01 numbers with a solid metal forging, and mounted on a pair of connected, directly attached to the sturdy titanium orbital movement. In order to increase the deep sense, each engraved figures are made of solid metal and filled Luminova luminous materials, to facilitate nighttime reading, which was brand for innovation in this watch category. This time, date window to the right of the vertical dial five o’clock, stealth sash which also Luminova replica rolex strikingly luminous materials set off. To watch the RM 67-01 CRMA6 build self-winding movement, it is the thickness of only 3.6 millimeters of a new movement, the Les Breuleux engineers to design. Movement bottom and deck are five titanium alloy, combined with gray and black plasma processing as Seiko modified with platinum automatic plate pendulum. Continuation of the movement to create a deep sense of the bottom cover particularly hard, massive hollow effect everywhere greeted, such as the height of the chain hollow barrel, automatic disk, drive train with automatic winding mechanism deck. Building structure is sufficient to load the mechanical movement of the legend; even the three slotted screws dial side, but also the spirit of watchmaker metaphor of the opposite direction against the traditional ideas, and extensive use of custom-torque screws, according to the function and ensure its Tension can be used to accurately correct application and had their home ground.

Modern Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is the most representative of the brand watches. Legendary Speedmaster participated in all six lunar landing mission, called the model of the brand spirit of adventure. In 1969, astronaut Buzz Aldrin set rolex replica foot on the lunar surface, when he was wearing the Speedmaster Professional watch, since this watch named “Moon Watch” in the world. Over half a century, the Omega Speedmaster times, innovation, bring more surprises to the global aerospace and mechanical watch fans. Today we count the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Modern Table Top 5. First clear on this point: we talk about Moon Watch Omega modern reason are in this – Speedmaster series, “The Dark Side” watch. Few expected to be the brand’s most historic watches Omega, Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch, given such a modern interpretation. Memorial Apollo 8 astronauts first witnessed the dark side of the moon, with black zirconia ceramic presents “Dark Side of the Moon” is a groundbreaking watch. Regardless of the material, or color, they are particularly novel, but soon as he came That caused a sensation. The Omega Speedmaster series, “The Dark Side” black ceramic watch is priced at $ 12,000.

There yin yang that is, the “Dark Side,” but also as “bright moon light.” Exactly the same design, no less material, is still consistent brand ceramic, but this watch look nothing like the previous generations. Simply changing the color, the watch will be able to shine a panerai replica different kind of glory, to observe this change is an interesting topic. 18K white gold hands with a white alligator strap, pure white, more show bright glossy. The Omega Speedmaster “moonlight light” white ceramic watch is priced at $ 10,800. 2015, “The Dark Side” re-return, but Omega has made some changes, that is the first to introduce 18K Sedna gold material. This patented alloys developed to Super Omega known for durability, this material to build a bezel, hands and markers echoes of “The Dark Side” came into touch glory. The Omega Speedmaster series, “The Dark Side” replica omega watches Hyun Kim models priced at $ 12,000. It may be called “retro black”, but in fact this “Dark Side” is not retro place. So called because Super-LumiNova luminous coating speed scale, time scale and pointer and brown leather strap. The watch case diameter of 44.25 mm, with a matt ceramic dial. This is a perfect modern lunar tables, capture inspiration from the history of the watch, on the avant-garde material made. The Omega Speedmaster series, “The Dark Side” watch vintage black models priced at $ 15,000.

Experience the magic of light and shadow Panerai watches

Panerai long ago with remarkable timekeeping watch world-renowned. Grandson of the founder Jacques Barthélémi Vacheron took over the family business until the early 19th century had a well-deserved “repeater” expert. Guests who visit the exhibition will appreciate the Panerai in 1812 produced dial is decorated with traditional Swiss enamel Rose gold pocket watch second question, and time hopping device with a 1827 production of the best replica watches second question and small seconds pocket watch , these two watch brands have demonstrated a long history of tradition. Watch the emergence of the twentieth century, it is obsessed with studying prompting watchmakers can make timekeeping device more compact technology to meet customer demand for smaller and thinner case, but also a reminder to make a series of exquisite unique system Table birth process. In 1941, Panerai launched the first single complex function watch, three-question form shape design equipped with 4261-type ultra-thin movements. Since then, the constant pursuit of the ultimate slim Panerai watch realm, 1955 Panerai manufacture thickness of only 3.28 mm movement of the three asked the table, the exquisite watchmaking skills into unprecedented heights.

Panerai took four years, combines slim shape and has a pure breitling chronomat replica sound quality and aesthetic appeal, both the reliability and durability of the Patrimony 1731 ultra-thin movement with this exhibition will also be the first appearance of the country. This advanced complex works published at the end of 2013, with a thickness of only 3.90 mm of new 1731 model movement, although the introduction of the brand in 1955 than the thickness of only 3.28 mm replica watches hot sale thick movement a little more, but it is the thinnest on the market, the current manual Three questions chain movement, Panerai successfully overcome the technical difficulties of assembly and adjustment extremely thin parts. In addition to thin appearance, also has an inner movement extremely clever device – flight timekeeping governor, completely silent operation, and stable mallet percussion sound spring rate, eliminating knocking frequency instability due to lead to rapid and difficult to identify The scale, the sound propagation to achieve the best results. Nuances governor Jiexi heart grinding modified engraved with the brand mark “Maltese cross” emblem.

The sound quality is the key to achievement timekeeping watches, Panerai try to replica watches create a clear and melodious music through a variety of processes. Gongs not only connected to the central case to amplify sound and stacked with each other for the first time rather than sequentially arranged; case and movement integration, skillfully taking into account the air flow parameters and other small machinery and the case between the sound to achieve the most good dissemination of results. Patrimony 1731 ultra-thin movement three asked watches convey the ultimate clean out the essence of classical, case embodies the subtle and complex process and seamless movement of 1731 models, while setting a double record: the thinnest hand chain Three questions watch (8.90 mm) three questions embedded within the chain movement the replica watches uk sale on the thinnest manual. Brand choice is placed at 8 o’clock position eccentric elegant small seconds, which is the first in the Patrimony series, make this watch practical and clever way to stand out. I asked the table real soul, each watch is ringing all have unique sound. Panerai ringing sound all asked the table, in the factory will be recorded before and carefully preserved, scoring brand watches halls together “tone marks.” This program is not only to ensure the brand for both the historical predecessor Or contemporary works, can provide life-long maintenance, and to ensure that any function with three repeater watch, can restore its unique sound in the workshop.

Casio G-Shock’s first boutique opening in Mexico

According to the watch house as one of Japan’s three major understanding watch brand Casio watches today on December 6 in Mexico opened its first boutique. Location This boutique is very luxurious, brand choice in Mexico a shopping and entertainment omega replica watches consumption as one of the heart. Since 1983, G-SHOCK watches with innovative, powerful seismic concept and design, in the minds of the influx of people to win the classic irreplaceable position. DW-5600 in the movie “Speed” in a worn by Keanu Reeves, as many classic G-SHOCK the representative. Today, the legendary G-SHOCK replica orologi arthquake has entered the 30th year, in its continuous innovation and progress also accompanied our growth. Maybe we can not guess its innovative details, but as Casio G-SHOCK has consistently advocated the “Beyond the Dream, the ultimate challenge,” the spirit of the brand will continue to be followed and spread.

In 1983, Casio G-SHOCK released the world’s first watch with a shock structure –DW-5000C, in the watch area created a new “tough” genre has become a sign of shock watches. Unlimited creativity, not mediocre attitude, created extraordinary spirit of the brand. G-HOCK constantly music, sports, fashion, art and other cultural pluralism into the story and watch the creative design behind it. Thereby showing extraordinary attitude to life, cutting-edge fake breitling fields have been set off in the popular trend for young people inject “adhere to the self,” the strong belief. 2013 is about to enter the 30th anniversary milestone, is the starting point for future G-SHOCK handed down, with Absolute Toughness spirit into the future and continue to strive for a new challenge.

Time has quietly forward in 2013 last month, in this cold winter we will soon usher in the arrival of Christmas, to coincide with this time, the famous watch brand Baume & Mercier to join WEMPE on December 5 in Beijing Parkview aryl Grassland held a grand fashion party, takes you through the golden age, the experience of “Celebrity Lingni Ladies Night.” Watch House very honored to receive an invitation to this event went to the site with everyone feel warm orologi replica and festive atmosphere in advance. Baume & Mercier watches a lot of friends are familiar with, but also for WEMPE we may be unfamiliar, it is from Germany a historic family business, not only has its own brand of jewelery and Haute Horlogerie, but also agents of many watch brands sales , Beijing Parkview Green’s WEMPE shop in February 2013 settled in Beijing, this is a very important step in the brand to expand Asia-Pacific market.

As a sales agent celebrities WEMPE one brand has also been a lot of people love and fake rolex watches attention, this fashion party attracted many people’s participation, which is enough to explain its limitless appeal. After reaching the active site staff Baume & Mercier brand of warm welcome we sign, not just in attendance, while everyone can choose a license plate, before the end of the event will be a mysterious gift raffle. The Baume & Mercier Ling Ni series pie is golden fashion, retro theme, brand specially prepared to cater to the taste of this theme’s rich backdrop for visitors who take pictures, in addition to the overall layout of the store is also very careful WEMPE. Colored fine tea break and dessert for this party adds more relaxed atmosphere, because today arranged a special link, it was invited to attend are mostly girls, we looked at the watch, eating food, all talk exhilaration.