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The significance of travel watch midsummer holiday choice

World is so big, with limited time, to see the infinite landscape. When outlining the destination on replica watches the map, following that moment of heart Yilian move, bring Bucherer beginning of a stay away trip! Complex world time zones generally make travel rolex replica and shuttle business people in the world whom the confusion. Can accurately display the time in different time zones Po series TravelTec three time Chronograph, offering passengers the best solution – the assembly of CFB 1901 movement developed by Bucherer themselves, and the Swiss official Observatory certification; screw-in crown set the clock, the clock will be separated with the drive wheel system, with one hour forward or propulsion unit (ie pointer hops per web 30 degrees) backwards; ignore the difference, spend a leisurely vacation .

Patravi series ChronoGrade chronograph collection Bucherer watch factory watchmaking excellence, set time, returning to the timing, back-hour time, a large calendar, calendar, power reserve display six functions in one, its back hours timing system for the first replica rolex watches time integrated with the complex functions. Bucherer carefully developed CFB 1902 automatic movement can provide 42 hours of power reserve, and through the arms refers to the needle position 6:00 shows the stored energy of the high / low state. This unique “dual concentric rotation” display mode of energy storage is Bucherer developed its own brainchild. So tired of the journey, because the watch and become easier.

Original and unique series Patravi T-Graph tonneau chronograph, sunny atmosphere, its inverse curve lugs, buttons and crown, with barrel-shaped case, complement each other, a deep sense of classical qualities inherent in fresh, modern design. Another feature of this chronograph is its interval 1/4 seconds the seconds scale, stopwatch placed inside along marked, clearly visible. Small seconds, 30 minutes and power reserve display chronograph, which are rolex replica watches located in positions 3,9 and 6 on the surface, with polished scale and digital, simple and with a sense of fashion.

Patravi series TravelTec three time Chronograph
Model: 00.10620.08.63.21
Movement: CFB 1901.1 Automatic movement, access to the Swiss official Observatory certification, power reserve of 42 hours
Function: Chronograph: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, three time display, waterproof 50 m
Case: stainless steel, double-sided anti-reflection sapphire crystal, screw-down crown
Strap: stainless steel chain belt, steel folding clasp
Public price of approximately: 97,000

“Coelacanth expedition research” third series – departure to Antarctica

Blancpain Blancpain and Lauren Baliesita (Laurent Ballesta) embarked on the third “coelacanth expedition research” tour, join French director Luc Jacques (Luc Jacquet) as “Antarctic Adventure: Wild touch ! “(Wild-Touch Expeditions -! Antarctica) by King luster. “Coelacanth expedition research” project from the start so far, has made extraordinary achievements remarkable: first, it opened the twentieth century’s greatest cheap replica watches uk zoological discovery – coelacanth mystery; second second, it studies the Pacific water grouper breeding spectacular staging. Today, Blancpain go hand in hand Lauren Baliesita once again went to the South Pole, opened unprecedented exploration, diving and shooting journey. The expedition will be included at the same time French director Luc Jacques (who directed the 2006 Oscar for best documentary film “March of the Penguins”), the latest work in order to raise public by recording global climate warming on the Antarctic attention.

Third headquarters, “the coelacanth expedition research” project based at Adélie Land (Adélie Land) · Di Weier French Dumont (Dumont d’Urville) scientific research station. This is the first time to usher in the Antarctic region composed of a team of professional divers to visit the bottom of the ice team. Every dive they are called unprecedented, not only represents a new challenge the limits of human achievement, but the interpretation of a breakthrough in the field of professional diving, and for the first time as we present natural original Antarctic deep-sea ecosystem. Many research institutions should – especially the Paris National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) and the National Centre for Scientific Research in Marseille (CNRS) – request “coelacanth expedition research” third expedition team will help statistics affected by global warming The emerging deepwater biota, and share all the image data to researchers for reference papers.

At the same time, “the coelacanth expedition research” third study will also serve as the seabed content, partly sponsored photographed and filmed by French director Luc Jacques’s new documentary, “Antarctic Adventure: wild touch! . ” In the “March of the Penguins” (March of the Penguins) released on the occasion of ten years, including one led by Luc Jacques Lauren Baliesita curtain Nilles and Vincent (Vincent Munier) and other famous photographers, including The high level of artistic team’s trip to the South Pole. They will perceive this by the global warming threat of land with the most realistic perspective. The depth of the world expedition replica watches to the other side, inseparable from the support of multilateral cooperation partners, as well as from the French Institute of Polar Research (French Polar Institute) and the French Southern Territories (French Southern and Antarctic Lands) assistance and logistical support team.

You can click daily blog, keep track of the progress of the exploration project through the video. The expedition will be entered several documentaries, including the ARTE adventure based on the first two produced “” coelacanth expedition research “first series – the pursuit of human origin” (Gombessa I – The Coelacanth, Dive Towards our Origins) and “” coelacanth expedition replica watches uk research “Part II – grouper Mystery” (Gombessa II – The Grouper Mystery), these two works have won several awards. The expedition will be a grand exit director Luc Jacques IMAX giant screen documentary and published a book (of which one is children’s books). There will also be holding a series of special exhibitions, one of which was to be held in Lyon, France Confer Florence Museum (Musée des Confluences), time 2016 April 18 to August 15. At the same time, the major social networks also will conduct publicity campaign to raise public awareness.

Breitling Exospace B55: new connection timing pilots

Rounding out the year, we have seen some of the traditional Swiss watch brand released decisive non-traditional “connection” watch – most recently TAG Heuer and Movado – Breitling approach this week launched the Breitling Exospace B55. As the brand’s fans have come to expect, the function range is especially suitable for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Mission Statement of Breitling Exospace B55 – were replica watches uk ridiculed this, but earlier this year Baselworld 2015 officially launched no electronic Chronograph – distinct and do not want to be connected smartwatches Swiss Breitling watches between creating a new crop The watch is “dependent on the smart phone also inefficient than the latter.” In other words, while the count to build paired with a smart phone, it is also equipped for two-way communication between devices, so these two phones and watches form a complementary pair in which each do best.

For example, a smarwatch greatest asset, its relatively large screen and ergonomic interface that can be used to perform functions such as setting time, time zone, alarm, display and operating parameters and night mode – The task will be even more troublesome for small screen watch. At the same time, watch, it has a function, two LCD analog – digital display, perform, and then can be uploaded to a smart phone review array stored or shared chronograph operation. These measures include pilot-friendly readings such as flight time, lap times, and record the time and split times. The phone also look at the interface between the latter can receive incoming e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp message, the caller’s name and phone number, as well as appointment reminder notifications. Breitling Exospace B55 follow design specifications before AnaDigi Breitling watches, such as Breitling Emergency aerospace Evo, plus some black titanium, measuring 46 mm in diameter, and with a gradual increase, rotating, unidirectional bezel a sturdy and lightweight case next, with rider label. Sapphire crystal glareproof sides and the entire case waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet).

In the watch movement Breitling Caliber B55, equipped with a variety of functions thermocompensated “SuperQuartz” ANA Digital Network campaign. Which has an electronic gun; timer recording up to 50 split time; for experiencing a countdown / countup system (task run time) readings; and numerous aviation-centric features, including a “time of flight” devices record the flight time, “blocking time” (jargon elapsed time from the moment of the aircraft began to taxi to stop it comes to the end of the flight at that moment). It can store data in memory, including the date and time of departure, arrival time, take-off and landing time. Other useful features include a calendar week display, battery charge indicator, and seven daily alarms. Campaign, which Breitling said, more accurate than a standard quartz watch movement 10 times, powered by a rechargeable battery system, is certified by the Swiss chronometer testing agency COSC.

Breitling Exospace B55 for user-friendly operation: the replica watches uk wearer can select by simply turning the crown to activate or deactivate according to one of the two push works. Including two LCD screens by pressing the crown or simply by backlighting system of a person in a 35-degree angle of rotation of the wrist engagement. This so-called “tilt” feature is particularly useful when the wearer’s hand is in control in the cockpit (or, for those more land combined, clamped car steering wheel).

Breitling Exospace B55 is outftted with volcanic black dial, and lit two-tone TwinPro rubber strap. Now available in boutiques Breitling, the price is $ 8,900. I have this opportunity to talk about watches Breitling CEO Jean-Paul Girardin, and try it. Here’s how it looks like on the wrist. Photos below, you can check out Breitling watch official video connection Exospace B55.

Corum Watches Christmas red dress wrapped Zhen election, Canruo snow

Christmas lightly and to, the winter holiday of passion, always derived from different romantic. Christmas Eve dream-like, red and white color scheme seems the perfect partner. In this holy festival, the famous Swiss watch brand Corum Replica watches UK Admiral’s Cup Zhen election portrait of Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 tidal same series Legend 32 watches and ladies watches, Qianxin praying wish all warm winter dreams come in clarity quietly blooming; a moment of joyous time, will be the circulation of minutes and seconds into eternity.

Christmas festive atmosphere of passion, even serious deep man, can not help but whom the infection. One full of passion and vitality of red watch is the most appropriate, but the embellishment festival. The new Corum Admiral’s Cup Tides watch AC-One 45 has eye-catching bright red dial and strap. Corum watch dial decorated with exclusive design “cut pomegranate”, and has a number of subsidiary dial, clear detail shows CO self-winding movement features all sailing instructions 277: phase-month position tidal strength 12:00, 9 The next two tidal time position, tides and flow intensity 6 o’clock position, together with the Admiral’s Cup series of iconic inner nautical flag pattern, creating an elegant three-dimensional feeling. 45 mm diameter titanium case with five well-built, generous style appearance watch while yet lightweight. The case of the middle of the multilayer structure has titanium PVD coating of red, echoes with the color of the surface, and with vulcanized rubber strap and folding buckle.

Admiral’s Cup Tides watch AC-One 45 CO 277 is equipped with automatic movement is Kunlun table with the Geneva Observatory (Astronomic Observatory of Geneva) and located in Brest, France (Brest) French Navy hydrographic and oceanographic services (SHOM – Hydrographic and Oceanographic Services of the French National Navy) cooperation, not less than three years after the joint research and development, which was to create a unique “tidal movement.”

The Christmas Zhen election of Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 32 ladies watch dial 12 side are decorated with three rows of cut law class, VS high grade diamonds (1.2 carats), showing two rows are arranged alternately, creating a new fashion geometric texture. Xuanwu dancing diamonds, collections shines with diamond bezel Brilliance, it is like the quiet after the snow Christmas Eve. With a white alligator leather strap, light and gentle style of elegant icing on the Replica Watches Breitling cake, but without losing the low-key luxury fashion fashion the perfect combination of design and craftsmanship, let this gold timepiece become incomparable masterpieces. Its circular outline simple, smooth perfect lines, sketched out the ultimate elegant Admiral’s Cup Legend watches.

Corum Admiral’s Cup watches first came in 1960, 50 years has been active and energetic and just male both elegant style, sonorous sound interpretation of the Corum brand essence and personality, long lasting. Iconic Admiral’s Cup twelve-sided case and the nautical flag when the triangular standard design has laid its watchmaking industry and become the leader in the field of watch design; and bones flowing Patrician fearless obstacles, courage of blood , is to promote the brand, with its own long history of excellence in watchmaking and exquisite artistry, creating a unique and a rare, both the use and collection value of the watch works.

Admiral’s Cup Admiral’s Cup AC-One tidal watch Technical Specifications

 CO277 automatic movement
 Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, time under the two high and low tides, water velocity, tidal change
 Power reserve 42 hours
 Wobble: 28,800 (4Hz)
 5 Titanium
 5 titanium crown
 antiglare sapphire crystal
 Water resistance: 300 meters / 30 ATM
 Dimensions: 45 mm
 red vulcanized rubber strap
 spacing lugs / clasp: 23/20 mm
Reference Price
 RMB 75,440

2015 Tudor Replica Watch NORTH FLAG city tour Challenge grand opening

December 2015, Tudor Replica Watches UK On Sale North Flag City Tour Challenge grand opening in Hangzhou Tower, then will continue to carry out in Shanghai, Guangzhou, more than two dozen cities. Tudor adhering to explore pioneer brand heritage, natural adventure moved to the city, the scene mobilize the audience senses and lead us along with Tudor open modern adventure.

The Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge area, is a modern exhibition space cool to TUDOR always red and black tones, quite a design sense irregular polyhedron shape, so that customers can feel from different angles the charm of Tudor table. Under silhouetted against the lights and video, the entire exhibition space to show the glacier currents of the state, sought to arouse people’s instinctive desire to explore. Logo is below the distinctive brand Tudor watches showcase area, with a number of electronic screen, each showing a different Tudor Pierre, among them self-movement Showcase, and with clear text description. Among them, two particularly prominent showcase iceberg modeling, which placed the TUDOR 2015 Basel Watch Fair New Tudor North Flag Dili rudder Pelagos watches. Tudor North Flag of spirit from the Earth’s coldest remote place, this piece polar pure land, uninhabited but it is a pioneer’s paradise. TUDOR Pelagos inspiration is derived from water adventure, deep ocean to the fans attracted numerous adventurers, explorers have become part of their lives. The right display space is creative interactive climbing area, one going up the black climbing machine, rock covered with red stepping stone, the classic red and black with highlights TUDOR a consistent brand heritage. Rock climbing is a sport both power and excitement, but also keen outdoor adventure people often choose projects, cool climbing machine attracted the presence of a large number of participants, their skill in the coach’s guidance to the next show. Field camera freeze Rush Hour, participants leave the most memorable sports moment, and the photo sharing to a circle of friends can win TUDOR exquisite gift gift. Login TUDOR activities dedicated website also readily accessible pioneer rankings, but attracts many eager to experience a modern city in a fun outdoor adventure sports enthusiasts.

Early 1850s, British northern Greenland expedition team wearing TUDOR Oyster Prince watches in extreme environments on Earth a series of experiments. Since then, TUDOR precision instruments in accordance with Fake Rolex Watches UK Outlet the standard design and processing products, as explorers faithful companion, has been to bring scientific instruments like user experience. The exhibition in the Tudor North Flag Case angular, polished fine, to create a high-tech look and feel. Meanwhile, at the top of the case is slightly curved, so that the light flow in which exquisite detail so watch with just the soft. Bulge crown design brings a good touch, matte round outer ring, the matte surface and matte steel ceramic composition, complementary, seamless. You can get a glimpse through the blue-crystal caseback its movement, which is unprecedented in the design details Tudor history.

TUDOR Pelagos birth underwater work with professionals is closely linked, in the development process, Tudor watches specially around the world in a number of live testing. Professional water depth of 500 meters, and is equipped with the necessary means to protect the watch when the “saturation” Diving – helium valve. Xiangtie watch dial square hour markers, and colored a lot of luminous material, such collectors are known as the “snowflake” designs pointer will be renewed on the same Tudor Pelagos. Blue as the ocean depths last can also distinguish colors, to be added to the hour mark to ensure that underwater legible.

TUDOR Pelagos North Flag Dili rudder explore these two phenotypes as pioneer TUDOR, first developed with movement, a milestone in the brand’s independent productions. North Flag Tudor watch Tudor MT5621 movement using movement, while Tudor Pelagos watch the match Tudor MT5612 movement, Both movements are equipped with two-way automatic winding oscillating weight up to about 70 hours of power reserve. 3 o’clock position with instantaneous jump calendar window at 9 o’clock, there are power indicator disc, the movement beat frequency of 28,800 Hz or 4, all the details, precise control. With extraordinary strength, these two movements become TUDOR first item is eligible for Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) certified products. Tudor watches constantly challenges and design and superior product performance to explore, to love sports watch subsection bring fatal attraction.

New affordable Rolex Replica Watches UK, collector of watches

Rolex, perhaps such as Rolex Moon Watch it has been called the most famous chronograph in the world in the world, over the years, has produced many of the iconic clock. Five models in the store is accessible price for the new and experienced collectors have been prepared. Launched in aerospace and adventure synonymous 1957 Speedmaster. Meaning most large icons that the table of today’s moon is recognized all over the world, small changes in the overall design of several decades, and so on. It is distinctive black dial covers the hesalite trademark crystal thin film hour hand and minute hand, features small seconds dial, 30 minutes and 12 hours recorder, and the center of the chronograph second hand. Stainless steel case waterproof black border, and the scale of its speed, has been installed in the 42 mm up to 50 m.

Although this has been upgraded several times over the years, in the heart of this chronograph movement Omega 1861 Hand-winding movement, it remains the same as basically the power associated with 6 NASA astronaut Moon Clock 1. Month of the table with a belt and bracelets. “NATO” strap and black nylon belt – each watch is located to provide a special display box is equipped with two additional belt. In addition, the strap, Subaru magnifying glass, contains the tools to change the emphasis book Subaru of adventure. The $ 4,500 price Rolex Speedmaster Professional Moon table, I understand very well the importance of the new chronograph bar. As it was in 1956 in order to resolve the conflict of trademarks, in the United States, collection but has been known by the first name glove master, affordable Omega watches, Omega Constellation series, It was launched in 1952.replica watches uk

Geneva Observatory dome served as a family crest, Rolex is not just only his own record, he broke the exact timing previous year. Cupola, omega accurate timing, which is surrounded by eight weeks on behalf of the omega largest observatory in the world, including the 1931 “clean sweep” is a record Geneva Observatory the category of all of the performance, was defeated. 1982, Omega, Constellation “Manhattan” This clock has started will be held in the original sapphire crystal of the place, in order to ensure that the watch is still waterproof, 3:00 and 9:04 now familiar of “Griffes”, or it began foot.

2007, Omega, new, unique escapement institutions and proprietary low friction coaxial movement, introduced the excellent timing performance over a high mechanical efficiency and time. The new performance of the escapement system, each Rolex watches, as equipped with a coaxial movement, there to provide a guarantee of mechanical watches, and the best is the complete four years in business, such as a COSC certified chronometer. Unique sport has been installed in 38 of the millimeter case and the back cover sapphire and 100 meters waterproof. Powerful watch at Seamaster Aqua Terra Cotta Warriors, clean, it is distinctive line. Dial of Aqua Terracotta Warriors 150 M series, remember the most luxurious yacht, we found a beautiful wooden deck. Example shown below, has been lacquered silver dial decorated with conceptual model of teak. 18K Gold second hand is a deep blue, multi-faceted hour and minute hands praise.

Best 41.5 mm stainless steel case for maintaining the function: are manufactured in specially anti-magnetic field cheap Breitling replica watches uk for sale Masters coaxial movement 8500 COSC chronometer certification, it is larger than the 15,000 Gauss of movement. The most anti-magnetic watch, unlike the movement of Aqua Terracotta Warriors, you can see through the transparent case back. Some of the brand movement of mechanical watches provided by, the inner shell protective shield. Shaped by the key to move the parts from non-ferrous material, movement itself impervious to magnetic field so as to improve the Rolex design replica watches online shop. This magnet is from the case and the refrigerator door shut briefcase smartphone and tablet PC until we now, encountered more than ever, is especially important today.

Rolex at least it is in the performance, in fact the space, in the performance of the high seas, known brand, a pioneer in these two regions. 1932, Omega, is composed of many of the first clock approval (or down from the surface) from one of design, it will be used in deep sea diving that introduced the sea. From these early days, Omega watch has been accompanied by a large number of explorers in their journey to the deep. A marine biologist at the explorer William Beebe commander Yves Le Prieur, wore Omega Marin to himself in his diving ball diving record as the inventor of the diving. Jacques Cousteau’s wearing the famous Rolex Seamaster PloProf and Jack predecessor body –known famous freediver thing as dolphin – sported the Omega watches in diving of his record. 2005, Omega, and marine tradition, the launch of the sea of ​​cosmic rays deployment. Stylish Seamaster Planet Ocean Omega Divers watch 600 meters of tribute heritage. This model features a black ceramic unidirectional rotating diving bezel, which is mounted on a stainless steel case waterproof 42 mm to 600 meters or 2000 feet of depth. Helium escape valve is a true professional diving meter mark.

The case inside, push back also looks through the sapphire case, the movement of the self-winding Omega coaxial movement 8500 COSC certified chronometer. Free bouncy balance, double barrel unlike the timing accuracy and many other dive table, will help you to distinguish discover this caliber. But although hardcore adventurer must wear a dress watch occasionally, here again, Omega, will provide many years of choices. In Germany cities of debt collection, pure, is a luxurious appearance features and classic style, it is timeless. The model shown below, sun-brushed blue dial is protected by a hard sapphire crystal scratch, with an impressive 2 district, has a stainless steel case of 39.5 mm. Case provides a waterproof 30 meters.